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By Terry Rogers

Land Registry pays out £26m in compensation for fraud

Help to protect landlords 

It has recently been reported that Land Registry has paid out £26million in compensation for property fraud since 2006. Although this sum covers all types of fraud it is believed that the majority relates to the theft of property titles. Absent landlords are particularly vulnerable to this type of fraud. 

ARLA members are strongly encouraged to advise absent landlords to use the free Land Registry service which allows Land Registry correspondence to be sent to alternative addresses and not to rented properties. Taking this step will ensure that important correspondence is received by absent landlords, and it also prevents correspondence being intercepted and misused. 

To make sure of this service, landlords must complete the Land Registry form: “Updating registered owners contact address”. It is possible to register up to three alternative addresses, including an email address and an address abroad. Landlords need to provide a photograph and documentary evidence of their identity.  The relevant form and an accompanying leaflet are freely available from the Land Registry website. 

ARLA members and landlords may also wish to respond to a current Land Registry consultation on this topic.  Land Registry is researching customer appetite for a homeowner alert service for anyone who feels they may be at risk of property fraud,  or for anyone who would like the comfort of knowing they will be notified if any enquiries are made against their property.Responses to be sent to: