With the lettings market showing no sign of slowing down as we move into the second half of 2016, how do you ensure that your property is let quickly and at the best price?

Follow the following simple guidelines to maximize your income.

The Kerbside Test

As prospective tenants pull up outside the property, what do they see?  Make sure that front gardens are neat and tidy, exterior paintwork is flake free, windows sparkle and drives and paths are weed free.

First Impressions

The first part of the property that a potential tenant will get close to is the front door. Make sure it is clean and well maintained.

Whole House

You can never plan for if your prospect tenants want traditional or modern, but if you keep it clean, tidy and clutter free you will stand a much better chance of letting it.


Smoking in the property is a real no no today, but also don’t forget pets.  People who don’t own pets may not appreciate others pet smells, air the house well.


For the majority of prospect tenants, this is the most important room in the house, make sure it is clean and tidy and in good decorative order.


Try to make everything clean and neutral with floor covering “fit for purpose” light fawn and off white carpets may look great in the showroom, but they are not recommended for rented accommodation.

Choose carpets that won’t show even the slightest of marks.


Attention should be given to all ceramics to make it sparkle, especially the loo.

Garages, Sheds and Cellars

These are often forgotten by landlords but they are important useful rooms. If the new tenant is unable to get any of their items in due to the landlords or previous tenants leaving a load of unwanted items, it will put the prospective tenant off, make sure these rooms are clear.


No matter what time of year a neat and tidy garden is attractive and an asset to the property.

Well maintained gardens are also a lot easier to keep on top of.


The lettings market is a competitive market place and you need to make sure that your property stands out from the local competition.

Follow these simple steps to ensure your property lets quickly at the price you want.

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