This is an open Forum for comment and questions about the Lettings Industry.

It is our intention to open debate about any aspect of the Industry that is either current or of interest to everybody who has reason to be informed in our Market, Property or the Lettings Industry in General.

If you wish to comment on any post, please respect the open style that we are adopting and keep your comments informative and constructive.

To all who wish to add comment in a wider format, or appear as a guest speaker within this blog, please contact Castle Estates by mail and your request will be considered.

Our Industry and Market is going through major changes as we adapt both the Governments wish for regulation, with which at Castle Estates we whole heartedly agree, and the continued fallout from the financial difficulties all Nations have had bought upon them by the Worldwide Banking crisis. This is a time when all opinion and debate should be listened to and judged for its value. In an age when comment and opinion can be supplied and read at the blink of an eye, at Castle Estates we wish to embrace the opportunity afforded to us all and encourage such ease and access to web content.

We hope you enjoy the content and that what you read is relevant to the Lettings Industry which we hope is represented in these pages with respect and professionalism.

Steve Roulstone


Castle Estates

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