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By Terry Rogers

As an extension of the Blog that has been running on our main site for most of 2010, we are pleased to confirm that we are now operating regional Blog site’s which we hope will enable us to look at local as well as National issues through these pages. We will be looking to invite speakers from associated property businesses and those with a message that will be of interest to our Landlords and Tenants, as guest speakers and develop a forum for all matters relating to the rental industry both nationally and here in Sheffield and surrounding areas.


We will be publishing our pages utilising several headings that will reflect the central theme of the Blog. The headings will be as follows:

Rental Issues

This is the section that covers all points of interest surrounding Letting property, including legislation, where it is being reported in its broadest sense, rather than the effect any legislation has on property or Landlords. It could also be described as the Tenants section, not purposefully, but when I look at Blogs under this heading on the main site information relating to Tenants does appear in this section more often than elsewhere!

Property Landlord advice

This can rightly be described as the main section. This is the main reason the blog was created. Customers for Letting Agents are, by law, our Landlords (Because we act under the law of agency on the Landlords behalf) It is under this section, that the intention was from the start to advice and inform the Landlords of the problems and trends affecting this industry of ours, to keep them well informed and in tune with market trends. Under this section we will write Blogs about legislation, housing opportunities, warnings about property scams, explaining about our Industry and how we operate and the advantages of the services provided through Professional agencies.

 Current Property news

Under this heading we shall be reporting on matters more related to our region and hopefully this will be the same heading that guest speakers will be invited to offer opinion and news. There will of course be National news as well, and National guest speakers, where the message is relevant to our region.

In summary

So welcome to our site! The best way I can summarise the information above, is that we trust what we say will ‘do exactly what it says on the tin’! I hope it will assist you in finding the posts that are more relevant to you and that you find the content interesting, if you do not, please tell us, if you do, please tell us still! If as a group we have an aim, it is to spread professionalism in our industry and hopefully in Castle Estates we will confirm this through these pages and through our activity as Letting Agents.